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Because the 'BURNELL' name is widespread and may be spelt in different ways, (i.e.  Burnell, Barnell, Brunel, Brunell, Brunelle) it is quite possible that a family connection could be related to another 'line'.

In my research, I have found some other 'Burnell' web-sites, which have proved quite interesting and useful. Why not check them out !!

Other "Burnell" Family Web Sites

Burnell Family Home - Winkburn Hall     



Marc Isambard Brunel 1769-1849 - Engineer      



Isambard Kingdom Brunel 1806-1859 Renowned Engineer     



ACTON Burnell Castle  



There were also a number of Burnells who lived in South Australia.

They were well known for their contribution to the Australian wool industry.


I've included several photos courtesy of Mrs Fanny Lincoln, who published the book "The Burnell Family - Three Generations in Australia" as a memory to her devoted work.

John Burnell.JPG
James Burnell.JPG

James Burnell, second son of John Burnell

George Burnell.JPG

George Burnell (second generation) from a painting by his daughter Fanny,

( 1830 - 1894 )

Arthur Burnell.JPG

One of the greatest engineers of all time was Isambard Kingdom Brunel - Just a few of his achievements are shown below.

Marc Isambard Brunel2.JPG

Marc Isambard Brunel 1769-1849

Father of Isambard Kingdom Brunel

and another great engineer.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel 1806-1859

He built the Great Western Railway, the Great Western Steamship Company, the Thames Tunnel (below) and many bridges.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel.JPG
Thames tunnel.JPG

For more information try these links

Marc Isambard Brunel

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

The Thames Tunnel was an incredible feat during the 1800s - The public acclaimed it as a wonder of the world.

Royal Albert Bridge.JPG
clifton bridge.JPG

The Clifton Bridge

Royal Albert Bridge, Saltash

There are still more Burnell families,...

Allan Burnell.JPG
Allan Burnell2.JPG

Allan Burnell from Kent had a train named after him for giving good service to British Rail. We got to meet Allan and his wife Sandy in 2006. A really nice couple.

Today we still chat on Facebook.

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