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Here are some of my favorite photos. They include my parents, siblings, grandparents and great-grandparents.

In my research I've discovered other Burnell families as well as, other families who are related to the Burnell name.


Yes you've guessed it's me! Roy at 12 mths    -   Here's my Dad, baby sister Beryl and me just before World War II in 1941

   (1939). By the way if you didn't know, all

         the Burnells were good looking.


A photo I've treasured of my Mum and baby Beryl taken at Grandad Almond's home at East Lindfield in 1941.

The tiny chairs we were sitting on were made by my grandfather Burnell who was a craftsman upholsterer.

Me on the left, my brother Fred & sisters Beryl & Jenny (Willoughby 1949)


Living at Dee Why and I was mad about sports cars and so,...


The 'Wild One' at 21 years and yes, it's a Goggomobil

The whole family together - Mum & Dad, Beryl, Jenny, Fred and me (1950)

Just loved my MGB - I drove it everywhere.

In 1968 I was really in my prime.

And,...Boy, what a charmer !

0113 MGB.jpg
1986 Toyota Celica.JPG

In 2003 I was driving a Toyota Celica

2005 Mazda MX5.jpg

My MX-5 in 2010 ... a joy to drive!


In 1970 I married Robyn Stearn. Here are my sons Shayne, Shannon, Charlton....

 and me.  

Oh yes, .... I'm the older one.

Age does catch up after a while. (2000)

A special day in my life, when Stella and I were married at Margate, Qld on January 5, 2008.

Now here are some more photos of my parents, grand-parents and great grandparents.
Burnell Ancestors Hobart 1912.JPG

My Tasmanian Ancestors 

My great grandparents (taken 1912)


Henry Charles Burnell & wife Elizabeth Harris (centre)

Their Sons at rear (left -right) - Walter, Frederick & Cyril 

Daughter-in-laws (either side) - Catherine & Elizabeth (Lizzie)

Grandsons  (front) - Henry & Frederick (my Dad)

John Haverly Wray and Winifred Blunt.jpg

My grand-mother Winifred Gladys Blunt with my mother Victoria Winifred Wray (1910)

John Haverly Wray & Winifred Almond (Blunt) c.1910

My grandparents - John Haverly Wray was born in London in 1885 and then migrated to Australia in 1908. 


 Winifred Gladys Almond (Blunt) was born in Australia in 1894. They were married in 1910.

John was an electrician, but had an interest in panning for gold. Winfred had babies,... eight in total. Victoria Winifred, John Almond, Louis Almond, Phyllis Marie, Haverly, Elizabeth, Georgina Daphne and Pamela Wray.

Grandad and Grandma Wray.JPG

Grandad and Grandma Wray 1960s

Cyril Henry Burnell & Elizabeth Bennett Cleary. (1932)

Don't you just love their 'swimmers'. 


My dad Cyril Frederick aged 7 years with his brother Roy Basil at 12 months.


My father and mother on the right, walking with his

brother Roy Basil Burnell and his wife-to be Joyce Cato

at Shellharbour, NSW (1934)

Roys Mum -Wedding.jpg

My mum Vicky on her wedding day 22 Jan 1936

mum 0004.jpg

Mum before she was married

Mum and Dad - Masonic fumction.jpg

Mum and Dad at a function before they were married about 1934


Grandad and Grandma Burnell at a Lodge dinner with Mum and Dad (1933)

John Almond.JPG

My great grandfather John Almond was born in Bermondsey, London in 1870 and he died in 1956.

John Charles Wray b.1847.JPG

Great grandad John Charles Wray  (1847-1923)

Annie Victoria Wray_edited.jpg

Annie Victoria Wray (Stage name Victoria Biron-Guest) 1884-1973

John Haverly Wray 1.jpg
George Stanley Wray.JPG

My grandad's brother George Stanley Wray b.1889

Mary Wray (nee Habgood) b. 1854 -2.jpg

My great grandmother, Mary Marie Wray (nee Habgood) b.1854

She married John Charles Wray in 1876. They lived in London and were Theatrical Managers running the Hippodrome Theatre.

They had four children Charles Maynard, Annie Victoria, John Haverly and George Stanley Wray.

Abraham (Alfred) Biron.JPG

Annie Victoria's husband Abraham Alfred Biron (1886-1966)

Charles Maynard Wray.JPG

                     John Haverly Wray (1885-1964)                                                                   Charles Maynard Wray (1881-1940)

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